The Minimalist Tech Stack That Powers My Websites

You don’t need a bunch of complicated tech to run a website

In fact, the simpler your tech stack, the better. 

Because the more tech you use…

  • The more likely it is that something eventually breaks.
  • The more bogged down and slower your site runs.
  • And the more you pay each month for unnecessary software.

That’s why I build my sites with a minimalist tech stack.

The simplest, most stripped-down software stack possible, that can still do everything I need it to do to run my business.

My minimalist website tech stack consists of…

  • WPX Hosting
  • WordPress
  • GeneratePress

WPX Hosting

I’ve used a bunch of website hosting companies over the years.

And I’ve tried everything from the super cheap $3/month hosting companies to the $50/month options.

By far, the best I’ve found is WPX Hosting.

What’s so great about WPX?

First, WPX is all about speed and performance.

In 2022, if your website isn’t blazing fast, it’s not going to convert. That’s why WPX’s servers are optimized to load your site as fast as possible.

They use their own proprietary Content Delivery Network that serves up your website anywhere in the world in fractions of a second.

Every year they win awards for their speed, beating the most expensive hosting companies.

In the latest competition they won, their average time to deliver sites around the world was .21 seconds!

Second, their customer service is unmatched.

They have a 24/7 live customer chat right on their website.

And if I ever run into any problems, their customer support team has an average response time of 30 seconds.

No more waiting for days for someone to answer a support ticket while my website is down and losing money by the minute (don’t ask…).

Third, as far as premium hosting goes, they’re really affordable.

At only $25 a month (cheaper if you buy yearly), they’re one the more affordable options out of all the high-quality, premium hosting companies on the market.

At the end of the day, I go with WPX because speed and performance are my top priority. But the fact that they have world-class customer service and are fairly priced are nice side benefits.


Every one of my sites is built using WordPress.

Why? Because WordPress is the most solid foundation to build a site on.

They’ve been the market leader for 20 years and their platform currently powers over 35% of the internet.

Unlike other fly-by-night website builders, I don’t have to worry about WordPress going away anytime soon.

WordPress also has endless functionality.

They have a giant, thriving ecosystem of developers building plugins and solutions that integrate with WordPress sites.

So whatever you need your website to do, it’s possible with the combination of WordPress and a few essential plugins.

Plus, most premium hosting companies make it super easy to start a WordPress site.

WPX has a “1-click install” for WordPress where, with the click of a button, your WordPress site is up and running in under 5 minutes.

GeneratePress Theme

Whenever I start a new WordPress site, my go-to theme is the GeneratePress Premium theme.

GeneratePress is a lightweight, premium WordPress theme that focuses on speed, stability and accessibility.

Why do I like GeneratePress Premium so much?

Just like hosting, the most important thing I look for in website theme is speed.

And GeneratePress Premium uses a super-lightweight codebase that reduces page load times as much as possible.

Unlike other themes that have a bunch of unnecessary features and a bloated codebase, GeneratePress has stripped out all the non-essential code so your site speed is blazing fast.

GeneratePress can also do whatever you want it to do.

It’s endlessly customizable. Any design you can imagine for your website is possible with the GeneratePress Premium theme.

And it doesn’t break the bank.

Most premium themes and website builders are insanely expensive because they have so many unnecessary features that you don’t need.

GeneratePress Premium is only $59 a year or $249 for lifetime use.

Super-fast, infinitely customizable and affordable… GeneratePress Premium is an easy choice.

Minimze your tech stack

Don’t complicate your website by trying to duct tape a bunch of different pieces of software together.

That’s just asking for problems.

Instead, try going with a minimalist tech stack.

Limit your software to a premium hosting company, WordPress with a few essential plugins and a lightweight, flexible theme.

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